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Engaging learners with complex learning difficulties and disabilities : a resource book for teachers and teaching assistants

Carpenter, Barry (Autor).

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  • ISBN: 9780415812740 (paperback)
  • ISBN: 9780415812726 (hardback)
  • ISBN: 9781317533733 (e-book: ePub)
  • ISBN: 9781317533726 (e-book: Mobi)
  • ISBN: 9781315725352 (e-book)
  • ISBN: 9781317533740
  • Fyzický popis: 1 online zdroj (xxii, 194 stran) : ilustrace
  • Nakladatel Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2015

Údaje o obsahu

Poznámka o bibliografii apod.: Includes bibliographical references and index
Poznámka k obsahu: 1. The engagement for learning framework : an introduction -- 2. New generation children : the complex learning challenge -- 3. Engagement and learning : a brief introduction -- 4. Evidencing engagement for learning : the engagement profile and scale -- 5. Personalizing engagement : case studies -- 6. Learning with families -- 7. Together everyone can achieve more : collaborating with other professionals -- 8. Mental health and children with complex learning difficulties and disabilities : a ticking time bomb -- 9. Inquiry gives you wings : school-based inquiry and engaging children with complex learning difficulties and disabilities -- 10. Visioning the future : schools taking forward the engagement for learning framework -- Appendix A: Instructions on completing the engagement ladders -- Appendix B: Complex learning difficulties and disabilities briefing packs -- Appendix C: The inquiry framework for learning -- Appendix D: Complex learning difficulties and disabilities project questionnaires -- Appendix E: Accessible research cycle template -- Appendix F: Project information and consent form relating to the complex learning difficulties and disabilities project -- Appendix G: Engagement passport example from Parkside School, Pukekohe, New Zealand -- Appendix H: Parkside School's "Engagement Profile and Scale Final Report" template -- Appendix I: Schools involved in the original Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Research Project (2009-2011).
Souhrn apod.: "Children and young people with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (CLDD) have co-existing and overlapping conditions which can manifest in complex learning patterns, extreme behaviours, and a range of socio-medical needs which are new and unfamiliar to many educators. Their combination of issues and layered needs - mental health, relationship , behavioural, physical, medical, sensory, communication and cognitive - mean they often disengage from learning, and challenge even our most experienced teachers. This book provides school practitioners and leaders with an approach and resources to engage this often disenfranchized group of children in learning. The Engagement for Learning Framework has been developed and trialled by over 100 educational settings (both special and mainstream) with learners from early years to post-16. It gives practitioners from a range of disciplines a shared means of assessing, recording, developing personalized learning pathways and demonstrating progression for these children. The focus on inquiry means that however complex a young person's needs, educators will be able to apply the approach. This practical and engaging book provides literature, tools and case study examples outlining who children and young people with CLDD are, why their engagement for learning is important, and how the Engagement for Learning Framework can be used effectively by teachers and other professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for these children"--
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